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Ice Cream Festival
Sea Quest
Our <br>puuurring <br>friends
Easter <br>Adventure
The Warmth <br>of Christmas
Wedding <br>Rehearsal
Return to <br>the scout camp
Venice <br>Carnival

Ice Cream Festival

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Play with Friends to explore the Island together

Beautiful beaches, exotic fruit and clear sea… What could be better? Journey to the world of Papaya and build your own hotel on one of the most picturesque islands. Welcome new guests and at the same time help to find the rarest species of animals and save them from evil poachers!

Create, upgrade and customize settlement where you want to spend more time!

A farm created only by you! Transform your farm's look by choosing where and what to build with hundreds of decorations in order to make it truly unique!

Play the mini-game and get a registration bonus

Charismatic heroes will draw you into the story

Join the beach party right now